Wealth Creation

The most important step to financial freedom is to have a ‘Financial Plan’! Many people leave this until it’s too late in life. No plan equals less choice in your later years causing much stress and anxiety in your family relationships that could be well avoided if only you had a good financial plan in place. How to start...

STEP1: Clear all your non-mortgage debts

Put a budget in place and live within your means...

Check out the budget planner on www.moneysmart.gov.au

STEP 2: Build your savings

Once your non-mortgage debt is under control, start a disciplined saving habit, here's how:

  • Invest regularly in a high interest savings account

    Set up a regular direct debit or BPAY into a high interest savings account. You’ll hardly miss the money and watch it grow.
  • Salary Sacrifice to Super

    For your long term retirement savings, begin to Salary Sacrifice to your Super - Super is a very tax effective means for savings.

STEP 3: Speak to a qualified Financial Planner

Markets are global and changing all the time... it is hard for anyone whose job it is not to understand the benefits of tax effective savings and super contributions never mind how to invest in managed or listed funds. This is where a qualified Financial Planner will help you personalise a plan that will see you transition from now into your retirement future.